What are the key areas for therapeutic involvement to promote well-being and emotional resilience?

Concentration, Attention, Memory

Child Sexual Exploitation


Self Esteem

Keeping safe

Therapeutic Interventions

To promote well-being and emotional resilience

Delivered in a safe, home environment

What are Therapeutic Interventions?

‘Care plans, treatment and interactions are based on psychological theories that attempt to explain behaviours; therapeutic interventions provide methods and tools for dealing with behaviours, as well as emotions’. Community Care, 2010

The methods and tools we have are listed in our comprehensive sector leading Resource Library.

Why do our children need Therapeutic Interventions?

WAG Guidance: Towards a Stable Life and Brighter Future

‘The child’s health and educational needs and in particular any mental health needs or special educational needs must be prime consideration’. WAG, 2007, p. 9

The Welsh Government has 7 Core Aims based on the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child.  Core Aim 3 – promoting better health, while reducing inequalities is a major policy aim of the Welsh Government. Preventative and remedial action is a high priority for children and young people.

Incidents of mental health problems amongst LAC children in Wales is much higher than the general population.

We need to do everything we can to help address the developmental need of the children and young people we look after.  We want them to be emotionally resilient and have emotional intelligence (EI) so they can lead successful, independent lives in society.